10 reasons why men should ride motorcycles

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10 reasons why men should ride motorcycles

Men who ride have even more fun when they're old.

Have you ever wondered why some guys entering their fifties decide to buy a motorcycle? It's because riding their motorcycle gives them a sense of purpose and excitement. At least more fun than their non-biker friends. Plus, riding a motorcycle keeps men young…if not on the outside, at least on the inside.

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Bikers ride attract women who love to ride.

If you have a thing for women who ride motorcycles, then buying a motorcycle might be the best thing you can do for yourself. Not only will you have a lot to talk about, but you will also enjoy impromptu motorcycle dates together.

10 reasons why men should do sex

Bikers are better lovers.

While we can't say it's backed up by a lot of research, we can all agree that riding a motorcycle improves your response times and sharpens your senses, which is great for getting intimate with your sweetie.

Men who ride motorcycles have better vacations.

Motorbikes are exponentially smaller than cars which means they are easier to ride (which also means very little planning will be required. So if your wife wants to take a last minute vacation with you somewhere , you can just go ahead and fly the whole thing with her, all you really will need is some money, road and lots of gas.

Men who ride have that je ne sais quoi .

You can't put your finger on it, but you know there's no doubt about it: men who ride are hot. But why? You don't know for sure and we don't know for sure either. Maybe that's the mystery. Maybe that's the danger. It may be both. And since motorcycles project a bold air on a man, we think they are the main ingredient.

Men who ride live their lives to the fullest.

When the bikers are not working, they are either working on their bikes or taking their bikes for a spin. If you don't already know, bikers can go anywhere on their bikes partly because their bikes can handle any busy street and partly because they want to. They love the road so much that lounging at home or watching TV just isn't an option.

10 reasons why men should do sex

Bikers are the coolest dads.

…as well as a strong partner who can protect a woman and defend her. While we can't ignore the fact that bikers also have a bad reputation, you can still use that to your advantage. Once people find out you're a real biker, they're more likely to leave you and your family alone.

Rolling men are easier to buy gifts for.

Once you have a motorcycle, people will get to know you better. Do you know what that means? That means hello to a whole new world filled with biker jackets, accessories , tools and so much more! The best thing about it is that the more admirers you have, the more freebies you get. If that reason alone doesn't convince you, then no greater force on earth ever will.

streatozone biker sweatshirt

Guys who ride automatically get points for being very sexy.

Motorcycle enthusiasts like to embrace the biker lifestyle to the fullest. And thanks to Hollywood for perpetuating the stereotype of bikers, you can almost expect most of them to sport high-quality leather, lush beards and cool tattoos – all of which melt people's minds. ladies.

Men who ride are more spontaneous.

Part of a biker's appeal lies in their penchant for following their impulses. If you're dating a guy who owns a motorcycle, you can assume things will never get old. Most girls love the romantic. Thus, improvised walks along the coast at sunset will always be on the agenda. Add a little danger to the idea and you have a heady mix of fun and excitement! Girls are always looking for guys who will keep them guessing. Men on motorcycles are simply irresistible.

Let's face it, there's nothing more badass than riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles are complex inanimate objects. And just like firearms, they become dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. So if you're looking to let people know you're the maverick who laughs in the face of danger, get a motorcycle. There's something enchanting about a guy who rides a motorcycle that makes him instantly attractive to women and his peers.

But don't take it from us! We rounded up a number of women we trust and asked them what they think of men who ride motorcycles. What we discovered was more interesting than expected. We didn't just come to the conclusion that yes, women love each other like a bad boy on two wheels. We also discovered the reasons why men who ride motorcycles are so attractive to the opposite sex. Here are the top 10 reasons why men who embrace the biker life have all women.

biker couple

some examples of gifts for your biker

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