Apple has a 'warning' for motorcyclists with iPhones

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Apple has a 'warning' for motorcyclists with iPhones

Apple has a 'warning' for motorcyclists with iPhones

Apple has a 'warning' for motorcyclists with iPhones

Apple has released a new support document that does not make reading enjoyable for riders who like to strap the iPhone to their motorcycles.

In the support document, Apple warns that the camera system could be damaged. “Exposing your iPhone to high amplitude vibrations in certain frequency ranges, particularly those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines, may degrade camera system performance,” Apple said in the document.
The "problem" here is with the OIS or optical image stabilization feature on the iPhone cameras.

Apple says its OIS system is built to last. "However, as is the case with many consumer electronics devices that include systems like OIS, long-term direct exposure to high amplitude vibration in certain frequency ranges can degrade the performance of these systems and lead to reduced image quality for photos and videos." Apple explains. The company further told users that "it is recommended that you avoid exposing your iPhone to prolonged high-amplitude vibration."
What bikers shouldn't do with their iPhones
While at its core, Apple claims that its only high-powered or high-volume motorcycles - mostly super bikes - generate a lot of vibration.

Apple says these are transmitted through the chassis and handlebars of motorcycles. "Attaching your iPhone to motorcycles with high horsepower or high volume motors is not recommended due to the magnitude of vibration in certain frequency ranges they generate."

Although smaller mopeds or scooters generate lower amplitude volumes, Apple says you shouldn't attach an iPhone to them either. If desired, Apple recommends "a vibration dampening stand is recommended to reduce the risk of damage to your iPhone and its OIS and AF systems." Apple says you should avoid regularly attaching iPhones to two-wheelers, as it only increases the risk of damaging the camera system.

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